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Missing female body glimpse when she was allegedly dead and buried on the QT by her guard (graphic photo)

Saturday, 5 September 2020

/ by NETBUZZ260

 A-35-year-old Joy Obiageli was reported  missing by her family and well wishers period past, and every one efforts to search out her weren't palmy. 
 Laterer was found buried in an exceedingly shallow grave and her pesonal guard has been defendant of being to blame for her murder.

The mystery behind the sudden  disappearance began to unravel following a tip-off that her guard was seen driving one amongst her cars together with his spouse and youngsters within. This sparked associate degree investigation and police searched the missing woman's compound to search out a shallow grave.


According to correspondent Emeka Chukwujindu United Nations agency was at the scene, the police in Asaba exhumed the woman's cadaver and it absolutely was discovered that she was created to suffer before she died. She was injured many times on her abdomen and her throat was slit whereas her hands and legs were tied.

It is alleged that Joy Obiageli was alleged killed by her guard named mister. Sunday from Niger state United Nations agency buried her in an exceedingly shallow grave in their compound. Obiageli's neighbour, a Nollywood show director named mister. Nonso Ekene has additionally been in remission and is being interrogated.

the rationale for her murder continues to be a mystery.

Sympathisers gathered at range four Anene Street as a team of policemen and pathologists exhumed the body of the 35-year-old girl. 

The Delta State Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr. Falaye aforesaid investigation continues to be in progress.

Meanwhile, videos of the deceased's family crying and requesting justice are shared on-line. 

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