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Has the Nigeria Government successfully deafeated us into silence djswitch blows hot #Endsars

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

/ by NETBUZZ260

 Nigerian disc jockey, Catherine Obianuju Udeh, professionally referred to as DJ Switch has questioned actions of the Lagos state government.

The activist also spoke about the Lagos state environmental agency and their directive to auction off cars of drivers who committed one-way defaults.

Switch shared a video of herself speaking on her Instagram page, and asked questions on whether the citizens have allowed themselves to be completely gagged and silenced when it comes to fighting for what is right.

She said;

Omo! What is the matter? what is the matter with us? Why can’t we support each other. Why can we not support each other? 

There’s so much I want to talk about but it’s too much. Has the government successfully beaten us into silence because this silence is deafening. What is the problem?

“I’ve just read on the news that the Lagos State environmental something or whatever through their special unit or whatever through their inept and corrupt mobile court gave the order for people’s car to be auctioned off, to be sold off, peoples hard-earned money.”

DJ Switch further spoke on the claim by Borno Governor, Babagana Zulum that some Boko Haram members are Christians, and she asked if it has been verified or was just mere claims.

You say Christians are among Boko Haram could you please outline your data were you are getting this information from. It is this type of divisiveness I’m talking about”, she said.

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