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War in the land as man finds out wife lied about being virgin on wedding night

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

/ by NETBUZZ260

 A newly wedded couple’s marriage is on the brink of collapse owing to a shocking revelation the woman made on their wedding night.

The couple reportedly got married first week in January and the bride all through their 3 years courtship told her man that there would be no sexual intimacy till marriage.

The lady made her man believe that she is a virgin but this, it was later discovered to be a false tale.

She maintained the lie up until their wedding day, when she informed her husband that she is not a virgin but that she was raped by her uncle few weeks before they met.

A Twitter user @akphies shared the story on the microblogging platform with the words;

”This couple got married just last weekend and the marriage is about to crash. They dated for 3 years and she insisted no sex until after marriage because she was a virgin. She confessed she wasn’t a virgin that night that she was raped by her uncle few weeks before they met.”

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